Corvette Brake Line Kit, With Power Brakes, Steel, 1963

  • Reproduction Of Original
For restorers the availability of pre-bent, reproduction steel brake line kits is a blessing

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3 4 brake fluids the fluid the factory used and the fluid almost everyone uses is hydroscopic, which means it draws fluids in, chiefly water, which over the years will corrode steel lines if the fluid was not changed regularly and most owners did not

Count on Eckler's for the very best in reproduction steel brake line kits. /b br br /ul b Did you know /b On steel brake lines and particularly stainless steel brake lines because of their hardness it is especially important to seat the flared lines into the brass blocks

Fortunately, reproduction brake lines from Eckler's meet all of the above criteria, the length is perfect, the bends are just like the originals, correct armor is used where applicable, the fittings are the correct size, shape and color, the lines have 45 double flares and they are made of steel just like the factory installed lines

So, there's a good reason to change them and great reproduction brake lines available for your use

The best way to do this is

The next thing you might ask as a restorer is why do I need to replace my original brake lines at all The answer is because D.O.T

Why, because fabricating brake lines at home with the correct length, bends, armor, fittings and flares is darn near impossible

You'll also be pleased to know these lines meet or exceed all D.O.T

Specifications for safety


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