Tumble Forms 2 Weighted Vests

Tumble Forms-2 Weighted Vests are designed to calm children with SID and ADHD with an emphasis on durability and comfort. Each vest is made from a stain resistant, flame-retardant brushed

145.99 р.

Flaghouse Deep Pressure Vest, Deep

Flaghouse Deep Pressure Vest features hook-and-loop fasteners for easy on and off. The body-hugging design provides all-over, deep pressure and heightened body awareness, providing a calming sense of stability for

55.99 р.

Weighted Hand Writing Glove, Small

Weighted Hand Writing Glove is a versatile glove that provides proprioceptive input and compression during fine motor or self help activities. It can also be used for strengthening exercises. The

44.99 р.

Sound Oasis White Noise Sound

Sound Oasis White Noise Sound Therapy Machine is specifically developed for tinnitus sufferers. Helps circumvent tinnitus discomfort, blocks out irritating noises. This ultimate white noise machine generates 10 different tones

49.99 р.